Music Monday // You Set Me Free

angiemiller It's no secret that I am a huge American Idol fan. People still watch that?  Yes, I'm one of the few million left that is keeping it on air. Forgive me.

Despite getting my heart broken every season when my favorite contestant doesn't win, I still tune in to check out the talent. And this year my favorite hands down was Angie Miller.

I actually first heard about her from a friend of mine who is from her hometown. Angie was a student at the school my friend teaches at and Angie's dad was a pastor at her church. So my eyes were on the lookout for Angie from the start. The moment I heard her sing, "You Set Me Free," I wanted her to win. It was an original song she wrote from one of the Psalms. She continued to be a light on the show by singing Colton Dixon's song, "Never Gone" and Kari Jobe's "Love Came Down." I just LOVE seeing the Lord shine through someone on national television. And Angie did that.

I know it's been awhile since I've covered a song for Music Monday, but when a sweet girl requested on Twitter that I sing "You Set Me Free" I was up for the challenge! And a challenge it definitely was. I had to lower the key a half step (GIRLFRIEND CAN SING HIGH!) and play guitar instead of piano... but I hope you enjoy it. And most of all, I hope if you haven't heard of this talented girl before - that you will check out her single on iTunes! She deserves all the support.

Of course, she should have won AI this year... but third place isn't too shabby. ;)

Click here to download my acoustic cover of "You Set Me Free."