month: eight

DSC_0026 _SnapseedI can't believe I have had the privilege of being this sweet boy's mama for eight months already! EIGHT MONTHS. It really is hard to believe. And every month just keeps getting better and better. (I have a feeling this will stop maybe around the teenage years?? haha, kidding... kinda) DSC_0035 _Snapseed

At 8 months, Micah is in love with... - his daddy's laugh - playing peek-a-boo - being tickled and kissed all over - my iPhone - our dog, Heidi (still) - other babies and little kids - saltine crackers - my earrings, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. - really, anything fun or interesting looking. He is such a happy boy!

DSC_0063 _Snapseed

Micah is crawling... everywhere. He is a little mover and I can't take my eyes off him for long.

DSC_0092 _Snapseed

I am pretty proud of this picture. It's hard to get him to sit still for long, let alone smile for me! This squinty nose grin is one of my favorites. :)

DSC_0116 _Snapseed

There he goes... trying to pull himself up on the chair! Like I said... can't. take. my. eyes. off. him.

DSC_0125 _Snapseed

He is learning so much lately. I can see it in his eyes when I sing the "ABC's..." or tell him a story. He wants to understand. He's also learning how to play with his toys, instead of just chewing on them. :)

DSC_0142 _Snapseed

Micah has no fear. It's a very scary thing to know that he is capable of getting himself into trouble, but has no understanding of danger. I am saying, "No, no" a LOT these days. He's already shaken open a bottle of teething tablets, stuffed lint in his mouth and tried to climb out of his high chair. And they say this is only the beginning.

DSC_0166 _SnapseedMicah has four teeth (working on two more at the moment!) light brown hair that is coming in all over and hazel eyes that are settling in on a green/brown color

DSC_0214 _Snapseed

DSC_0195 _Snapseed

This face just melts my heart. He is an absolute blessing to our lives! I could not have asked God to give us a more precious baby boy.

Happy 8 months Micah Jordan!