month: seven


Life just got a whole lot busier! Hence, the reason this post is a day late for the first time (and I am guessing not the last!)

image_1Micah has mastered sitting up. I have no worries that I can leave him alone in his crib, in a chair, on the floor and just about anywhere and he will be completely fine sitting up for long periods of time.


image_5But of course, he doesn't stay still for long.

Micah is also a master roller. That is currently his method of choice for finding his way around the house and off the bed and under the couch.

Did I mention life just got a whole lot busier?!

image_3Our dog, Heidi, is still the most entertaining person in the house for him. He just can't get enough of her. (Mommy and daddy try not to take it personally :) )

image_4 afterlight


I'm starting to see his temperament come out a little bit. He is a very curious little thing He's more interested in people, than objects He knows what he wants He loves to talk -- loudly And he loves to laugh (and make us laugh!) Basically, he is a lot like his parents.




Other highlights this month: - He responds to his name - He got his first two bottom teeth - He is finally enjoying solid foods (sweet potatoes and peaches are his favs) - He sleeps 10-12 hours at night - He holds out his arms for us - He is getting into the crawling position - He says "dada" a lot, but we're still not sure if he knows what he's saying (ok, Josh is sure - but I'm not convinced! ;) )


One thing I am convinced of though? This month is my new favorite! :)