I got to soak up some time with my two favorite boys this weekend!

Friday night we tried out a new Mediterranean place downtown. It was Josh and I's "date night." Except it ended up being us trying to keep Micah occupied the entire dinner, while we made uncomfortable glances at each other whenever he would let out a nice, loud shrill! We probably won't be attempting that again any time soon. Ha. But the food was A+ (seriously, one of the best Greek places we've been to!)




Saturday morning we enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a picnic at the park. It was so relaxing. I just love being together as a family of three. We don't have to be doing anything. Just sitting there together outside on a blanket, with no distractions, eating our sandwiches, was the best part of that day for me. :)

photo-22Today, we're back to our routine. We are currently battling teething at the moment. His first little bottom tooth poked through this weekend (yay!!) and I think the other one is on the horizon. He has cried some tears of pain today. Poor boy. Teething tablets and lots of snuggles are the cure. (I'm gonna go ahead and get back to that!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!