Finding perspective


The past 6 months have been a blur, but I think I am finally emerging from the haze a little bit.

I finally have somewhat of a predictable schedule with Micah.

He goes to sleep around the same time every night and wakes up around the same time every morning, like clockwork. Every now and then I may get a wake up call around 1am. But most of the time, he'll fall right back to sleep by the time I get up to check on him.

And our days are becoming more fluid. I can anticipate naps. When he's ready to eat baby food. When he needs to nurse. And for me personally, I go to the gym twice a week. Have a weekly bible study with other moms. I'm teaching guitar lessons.

And hold your breath friends.... I just started a cleaning schedule.

A routine. We have a routine. And it only took me half a year to get here!

And I say all that, not to boast or give the allusion that I have it all together. Because the truth is I still feel like a child myself, learning right along with Micah. Sometimes I look at him and just say, "Thanks buddy, for making me a mommy." And in my heart I whisper to God, "Please help me know how to do this."

And in so many ways, He has. And I finally feel like I am finding perspective on this whole mothering blessing.

If there is anything that I can see clearly now looking back on these past 6 months, it's that everything comes with time. Don't rush. Enjoy the moment. Embrace every new milestone. But don't be surprised if you're actually sad when it comes.

"They grow so quickly," was the number one thing we heard when Micah was born. And now it's the number one thing I find myself saying to most new mothers. Because it's true.

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