Influential Women link-up


Hi, Influence friends! Welcome to my little space here on the world wide web. :)

I am going to do my best to keep this short, because I know you have so many wonderful ladies to meet and read about!

So let's get right to it...

p.s. I realized for those that read my blog frequently, you may find this more like "3 things you ALREADY knew about me." Haha! I apologize, I'm pretty horrible at coming up with spontaneous facts about myself. So here's the deal: feel free to ask me 3 things you'd LIKE to know about me in the comments section and I'll reply to you! :)




When I was younger, I never thought twice about having children. It was assumed. Of course I'm going to be a mom! College, marriage and a few years later, I realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought. And the pain associated with waiting was close to heart-wrenching. But the Lord, in His faithful timing, provided us our miracle baby this past September. I know there are many of you in a waiting period of your life right now, we all seem to find ourselves there again and again. Please feel free to write and let me know how it is I can pray for you during this time. It's always good to know you're not alone. :)



I married a stud. Seriously. He is one of the best communicators of God's word that I know and I would never just say that (even if I am his wife). He serves right now as a student pastor and I am so blessed to be his helpmate. He is exactly the man I prayed my future husband would be. And I am so humbled that God would grant me this desire of my heart, it still amazes me every day. We're almost 5 years into our marriage and it has only gotten better!



Things, people, kitchens. I actually prefer if there are a few dishes in your sink when I come over, makes me feel more at home (and that you're probably an amazing cook!). I like messy people, those who admit they don't have it all together. Because I am one of them! I would be a big mess without Christ. He has chiseled away so many ugly parts of myself, but there are still so many that I am embarrassed about. One being that I am writing this post at nearly 1am and will be up at 7am. I'm a mess, people. But feel free to stick around and see how God turns this mess into something beautiful.

250rectangleOne thing I have learned through this network... is that God can do so much with little. He can turn what appears to be a trivial thing like blogging, into an uplifting tool for His kindgom. He can turn stories of hurt and pain, into stories of hope and encouragement. He can take what Satan meant for harm and use it for good. And I'm blessed to be able to share in the journey.