month: six

Image 2 It is here. Half a year. Wow, that flew by so incredibly fast!

Every time I sit down to write one of these monthly updates, I go over and over in my head how I want to go about it. Do I keep it short? Pictures-only? Video-only? But the truth is, I write them for myself. I love to look back at how much Micah has grown. How he is changing and developing each month. I am sure these will matter one day, when I can't remember when he started to laugh or started to roll over or sit up. So I don't want to leave out these details. I don't want to skim over them. I don't want to forget.

This month has probably been my favorite yet. I've heard it only gets better and better, and so far I can see why! Micah is so much more interactive with us. He laughs all. the. time. I love it. Sometimes he laughs for no apparent reason. Other things that are making him laugh these days::  peek-a-boo, funny faces (he had his first "photo booth" experience in the mall and he cracked up!!), funny noises, "pretend" falling, hearing himself laugh on video (such a CUTE moment!), and our dog, Heidi. The last one just happened this past week! Every time our dog Heidi comes around, he gets the giggles! It is adorable. He even reaches out his hand to try and pet her. I think they have officially bonded. :)

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Micah is a great little sleeper! He has been since birth, but something happened around 3-4 months where he was waking every two hours for a couple weeks (no joke), thankfully that has passed. He is now sleeping a good 9 hours straight, then wakes to feed before sleeping 2-3 more hours. I'm loving it. But trying not to get too comfortable in case he decides to go through another growth spurt, or something.

I love singing to him at night. Some of my favorites songs to sing are, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and "You are So Beautiful." I've even created a pretty good mash-up of the two. The way he looks at me when I sing... it gives me enough confidence for a life time, let me tell you. I think I've found my biggest fan. :)

Image 4

I am going to start being more intentional with baby food this next month. I've been easing into, frankly, because he just doesn't seem to be that interested in actually eating the food (he'd rather blow bubbles with it). But he loves watching me eat! He stares at everything I put in my mouth. I think he'll get the hang of it soon.

Also, his favorite toy right now is a water bottle. Not even joking! He likes to put his mouth on them when they're cold (soothes his teething gums) and he loves to hear it crinkle when it's empty. Convenient when we're on-the- go.

Image 10

I'm still not over being a mom. It's still the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. Crazy, emotional and overwhelming at times? Yes. But that's life. And I wouldn't trade the past 6 months for anything.

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Image 12And... he's over the sticker. :)