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I am currently...

Sitting... in awe of this breathtaking view. We are enjoying a weekend away in Daytona Beach. It's a little chilly for Florida, high in the upper 60's. But beautiful, nonetheless.

Watching... Josh out daring the waters in search for the perfect wave (he's the little dot in the picture above). He loves to surf. And I love to watch safely from the beach. :)

Listening... to the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United. I can't get over the words and music (not to mention it's the perfect soundtrack for our little beach getaway).

Laughing at... this video of our student ministry doing the "Harlem Shake." Have you guys caught on to the latest craze?

Missing... my Alabama friends. But thankful for a Google Hangout with two of them last night (until late late late!)

Inspired by... this girl, her writing and her heart for Jesus. Also got to chat with her on Google+ last night and it's always a blessing when people just get you.

Looking forward to... my baby turning 6 months on Monday!!! I am cherishing every last moment of him being this little.


What are you guys up to currently?