Every smile is a reward.

afterglow-1 We are coming up on half a YEAR of having Micah in our lives. Of being parents.

I know I say this a lot, but it has been such a blessing!!

Not a day goes by that I don't remember the journey it took for us to get here. And while I'm rocking Micah to sleep, I just thank God over and over again for answering our prayers in His timing.

Parenting has taught me a lot about myself. How selfish I am, sadly.

I will be all caught up in an idea, or plan some outing I want to do for the day and then I think... wait, what about Micah? (usually my husband asks that question, if I'm being honest) Realistically, I can't go spend hours upon hours of my day shopping or getting my hair done. Even sitting down and blogging is difficult at times. Sure, I can do quick trips to the grocery store and lunch dates with friends. But three hours or so later, Micah will need to eat (and friends, my sweet boy's never taken a bottle).

But there is a peace and joy in putting my family first. And consequently, the opposite when I don't. Parenting is a humbling, sanctifying and fulfilling journey. Every laugh and every smile is a reward from my son.

And every, "Hey, I'll watch Micah while you go get your hair cut!" is a reward from my hubby. :)

Enjoy this video Josh put together of a few sweet moments with Micah this month!