Making Jesus famous.

I am a night owl. I thought maybe that would change once I had a baby, but I think (maybe) it has gotten even worse. I don't know why, but my brain has a hard time shutting off before 1 or 2am. I am in bed much earlier than that, but I lie awake for hours tossing and turning. And before you ask, no I don't drink caffeine (I wish it was something that simple!)

While I'm laying awake, staring out into the darkness, thoughts come to my mind. Tons of them. And at 2am what sounded like the best idea ever, doesn't sound so great at 8am the next morning. A lot of those ideas have been potential blog posts. Struggling with insecurity, balancing life as a new mom, God's provision in our lives and beauty in the little things... to name just a few. But when the morning comes, those thoughts appear less important. And on with my day I go.

Which is why I have avoided writing much on the blog besides my current "Music Monday" and "Meet the Robinson's" series posts.

But tonight I have something I want to share. And I feel like these late night thoughts are probably not only in my mind, but in many of yours as well.


This generation is constantly looking for a way to make a name for themselves. Call it entrepreneurism, or whatever. But this success-driven society calls for more work and less relationship.

And when we do make time for relationships, a lot of it is strategic. How can this person benefit me?

We are an image-driven society too. We want to see beautiful things. Beautiful people. Beautiful photos of beautiful people.

And maybe it's just me and my weariness with all the glitz and glam, but I hardly think that the One we claim to live to impress... would be too impressed.

In all of our doing and striving to be somebody, are we not exactly missing the point that none of it is really about us anyway?

It's all about making Jesus famous.

The Bible teaches us to care about having relationships with the orphans and widows. What can we gain from them? Exactly.

And Philippians 2:3 says, "Don't be selfish, don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves."

A far cry from the society we live in.

And I won't sit here and deny to you that I haven't been sucked right along into it. Wanting people to be impressed with me. Wanting them to value what I have to offer.

Because I've believed the lie that Satan tells me... that what I do is who I am.

But God has spoken to my heart the truth... that because of whose I am, I _______.

That blank has been filled with - love others, serve others, pray for others, encourage others. And living life in this way, no matter how opposite of society, will in fact... make Jesus famous.