Behind the Music - Right Beside You

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I decided there was no better time to finish my longest-series-ever, "Behind the Music" than this week amidst the Valentine's celebrations!

So today, I am interrupting Music Monday (by the way, did anyone notice that I skipped last week to share the exciting news about our baby?!) to bring you the story behind the final song on my New Day EP, "Right Beside You."

This will be a very, very short story because... well, I am telling it all in my "Meet the Robinson's" series!

But to give you a recap, in case you don't feel like reading the other posts (it's okay, I won't be offended)... this song was written about my relationship with my husband, Josh. The meeting, the dating, the engagement, the marriage and how I am so blessed to spend my life "right beside that boy."

Cheesy? Don't laugh. It's true. :)

We met at bible college. I was a freshman and he was the cool senior ready to graduate.

You know the feeling when you finally get that "crush?" You wake up wondering what they're doing that day and you go to sleep wondering what they did. And all you're wishing for is the chance to spend the day with them. It's giddy and beautiful all at the same time.

And then, the dating. Yes. Where the love just grows and grows. It's a fun time, because while you know you both enjoy each others company... the question is always looming, "is this the one?" And while I have my own personal feelings on "the one" theory, there is no hiding the reality that this question can take for-e-ver to be answered.

For Josh and I, this question was answered after two and half years of dating. (I'll be blogging all about the "engagement story" on Thursday - so check back in for that!)

So, not to spoil it or anything... but we got married. ;)

And then after a couple months of being married, I wrote this song (almost FIVE years ago now... woah).

I entered "Right Beside You" into a contest on (pretty sure it was the same night I finished the song) and won $100 for making it to the Top 5. So, thank you Josh for making it easy to write love songs! ;)

I recorded it for the EP in 2010. And it by far was the most country sounding song on the album - almost like a "bonus track" really. But I just HAD to add it.

It's the story of our love. And I am so blessed and thankful for that!


And THAT, my friends, sums up the Behind the Music series!

And now, have a listen to the final song on my EP (I made this video for our 3 year anniversary, so it's a little dated... but enjoy!)

**download the song here**

Right Beside You

Another day I wake up wondering, Where are you? And what are you doing?

And I wish I had the choice to spend the rest of this day right beside you, boy

Oh, this love is a growing feeling first a "hi," then a smile stealing glances, thinking

That I'm glad I had the choice to spend the rest of this day right beside you, boy

And tell me, What do you think of me? And tell me, Do I give you the color in your cheeks?

On a walk down on a beach You slip out a diamond ring And you get down on one knee And you say with a smile, "will you marry me?"

Yes, oh yes I say, yes Oh yes, yes Oh yes

There we are standing side by side you're the groom and I'm the bride

And I'm glad I made the choice to spend the rest of my life right beside you, boy the rest of my life right beside you, boy

Yes, oh yes

You're mine and I'm yours You're mine and I'm yours

Right beside you, boy