In His hands

photo-18 I sit here tonight, currently holding my precious little boy in my lap as I write this.

Actually, most of these posts are written with him in my lap or beside me in his swing.

It is amazing all the things we do together.

It wasn't until last night that Josh and I had our first date without Micah. Thanks to some good friends for offering to watch him, or we would have just taken him out to eat with us... again. :)

We had a great time. Just talking without interruption (almost forgot what that was like!) and we even reminisced and played Josh's "question game" (see previous post).

But we missed Micah. He is part of our family now and it felt like someone was missing the whole time.

People have given us lots of advice. On parenting. On marriage. On marriage, while being parents. And they always make sure to remind us to "still make time for each other" now that we have a baby. I'm sure this will become more important the older Micah gets. But right now, he is much more of an addition to our family than a distraction. He brings us more laughter, more smiles, more empathy for others with children, more surprises (for sure!) and just an overwhelming feeling of love.

He is a living example of Josh and I's love for each other.

How amazing is that?

And our love overflows into our child. He is loved so much.

It's hard not to feel worried sometimes that we will do something wrong as parents. I begin worrying when I see others share how their child is sleeping through the night or eating baby food like it's candy or growing in the 90th percentile for their age. It's hard not to compare.

But then I remind myself that women have been doing this for ages. How did Eve do it? How did Mary do it? It somehow comforts me to know they didn't read Babywise.

Advice is good. Even extremely helpful at times. But there are some things in life that just need to rest in the hands of our Savior.

And I believe children are one of them.


please pray for Micah as we go back to Shands on Monday for his heart checkup! thank you so much.