Bloom where you're planted.

bloom I walked outside today, not expecting to see any flowers. Because it's winter, not really the "blooming" season. But low and behold there was a little bud coming through on our rose bush. It was a bright spot on this cool and windy day.

Like this rose bush, our lives have seasons as well.

Lately, my life has been full of transitions. We've moved states, started a new ministry and have a new baby. One transition is hard for anyone. The more you add, the more confusing life gets.

And so I've found myself struggling to bloom where I'm planted.

Sometimes when I'm home all day, I feel convicted that I am not spending enough time really ministering to people. So I've joined online bible studies, online networking groups, and have caught up and prayed with/for long distance friends. Because my heart's desire really is to make disciples and be intentional in sharing the gospel with people. 

But if I'm honest, on those long days of just staying home with my boy and being a mom, I struggle with knowing if I am missing out on what God has called me to do.

And thanks to a video I listened to yesterday from Christy Nockels, I have been knocked in the gut about this.

She talked about inviting the Lord into the middle of the mundane - writing songs while doing laundry, cleaning the house and doing the every day things of life. She also made the statement about "blooming where you're planted," instead of striving on your own to get to a "bigger stage" or "bigger platform." I found myself saying "amen" out loud quite a few times while listening.

Life looks drastically different for me than what it did this time last year. And while I felt like I was really blooming a year ago, I've been struggling to see how I can bloom in this new season of life.

But what a timely message I received from Christy, because God really can be invited in the mundane. In fact, He longs to be invited there.

God is just as much glorified in the moments when I am singing and praying over Micah, as He is in the moments when I am singing and leading thousands of people to worship.

And the great thing about seeing that little rose bush on this winter morning in January, is the reminder that no matter the season of life - you can bloom wherever you are planted.