I'm your daddy!

micah&daddy My husband is a great daddy.

We have been blessed to spend the past week together, just the three of us. It has been wonderful. Lots of relaxing, watching Smallville reruns and doing a lot of snuggling with our little boy. It's special to be able to wake up and enjoy each other's company, without feeling the need to "put on" a face or even change clothes. I think that is one of my favorite things about marriage. I mean who wouldn't want to hang out with their best friend in their PJ's all day? It's amazing.

But one of the best parts of being together this week, has been seeing my husband as a daddy. He's really good at it. Micah laughs almost immediately when he sees him. Josh has a "daddy voice" that is just perfect. And one of my favorite things to hear him say is, "Micah, I'm your daddy!" It is just adorable. He sounds so excited and proud! And he definitely should be.


I love that we have made this transition into parents with such a natural chemistry. I always wondered if things would change between us when we added a baby into our family - like maybe we wouldn't be able to joke around as much, or we would be so tired we wouldn't have time for meaningful conversation anymore. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Micah brings Josh and I closer together. We may butt heads at times over what to do - or miscommunicate on who is taking the car (with the carseat) in the mornings - but adding a child into our lives has brought more joy than we ever had before. That is the truth. We loved having three years together as a couple, but these are exciting days!


I am so ready to see where the Lord takes us this new year together as husband and wife and as parents. It is the first year where we have nothing HUGE on the horizon... life is an open book. How will God work through us? What will He do around us? My prayer is that I will be more intentional in doing what God has called me to do - daily. Whether that is being a wife to Josh, being a mom to Micah or ministering to others through music and relationships.

What are you looking forward to in 2013? And what do you want to see God do in your lives?