Monday Morning // Walmart is scary.

So, I know you are only here to check out what I actually accomplished from my "to-do" list last week. Is it too late to say I'm not really a list person? I'm pretty sure I make a list & then do everything except what was actually written down. No excuses or anything. Let's take it one by one.

- Christmas cards.

I mailed half of our cards out. Yes, I said half.  I'm still collecting addresses for the other half. And I wanted at least some  of them to arrive earlier than Christmas day. Made perfect sense in my head. Except... now, I'm getting confused as to who I mailed a card to and who I didn't. Soooo... if you get two cards from me, count it as double the love. ;)

Gym time.

Let's just not talk about it.

Christmas parties.

Check. Parties were a success! Gifts were bought, wrapped and delivered (I'm yours!) and cookies were made. I would like to pat myself on the back for accomplishing one task.


We've finished shopping for a couple family members. And let me just say one thing... my husband and I are refusing  to return to Walmart until after the holidays (longer, if we can manage it) because it is a complete and utter ZOO!!!! And not the cute, fluffy animal kind. The kind of zoo where animals are loose from their cages and climbing all over you smelling like... poop. Not lying. Maybe it's because we have a baby now that we are so aware of this (in fact, I'm pretty sure it is) but people do not understand personal space. Maybe that's not just Walmart, but it's definitely one of the worst.

Now on to more exciting things. Like the photo recap from this past week. :)





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Happy Monday!