music // iCHRISTmas


We officially have less than 20 days left until Christmas!!!!!

Where did the time go?!? (please slow down, I have so much shopping to do....)

I'm sure by now you all have your tree up, stockings hung, candles lit & are instagramming pictures of your ornaments.

The only thing missing is some good 'ole Christmas music! (and you may already have that too, just humor me folks)

The great thing about recording a Christmas album, is it really never goes out of style.

Good news for me! All the hard work was done last year.

Last December, I got creative and recorded some of my favorite Christmas tunes using the Garageband app.

That's it. Just me, my guitar (and piano on one song!) and my iPhone.

Then I put it on Noisetrade & gave it away for free. (250 people downloaded it!!! That's almost platinum in my little world!)

So, if there is any of you left out there who need some Christmas jingle - check it out! It's completely free. And if you want to spread the word on Twitter or Facebook, that would be nice. But it's free. And if you want to leave a tip, that would be even nicer. But really, it's totally free.