Post-Thanksgiving, Thankful Post

So much has happened this past year, that I could not go without sharing just how thankful I am. We spent the week of Thanksgiving in South Carolina enjoying time with my very special in-loves, and drove back on Friday so my husband could prepare to preach at our church services on Saturday and Sunday. I finally had a chance to sit down to blog and I really don't care that Thanksgiving is over and everyone is putting up their Christmas trees (myself included), I'm GOING to write a Thanksgiving post! :)

I think I could sum up this past year with one word: blessed. God has answered so many of our prayers! Last Thanksgiving we were fervently praying for a baby. This Thanksgiving we are holding our baby boy! There is nothing I am more thankful for this year than Micah Jordan. He is a precious gift from God and the biggest blessing to his daddy and I! After he was born and we discovered he had a VSD ("hole in his heart") we fervently prayed again that God would heal this hole without surgical intervention. Church leaders laid hands on him, we pleaded over him here at home and almost three months later he is growing perfectly and the hole is closing!! Thank you Jesus.

There is another miracle that occurred this year - my mom was healed from stage IV cancer!! She was diagnosed shortly after I found out I was pregnant, and in remission a few months before Micah's birth! There was a point when my mom wasn't sure she would get to hold her first grandchild. But she has sure been blessed to give Micah lots of Nana-love! We are so thankful for this healing and continuing to pray it does not return.

Another blessing we are grateful for this Thanksgiving is our new ministry at Church @ the Springs! We are grateful that God has called us back to my hometown to serve. God has given my husband such a gift and passion for students - it is amazing to watch. I look forward to seeing all God will do in the lives of the people we encounter through this ministry! Continue to pray for us and all of those you know serving in ministry. It's a blessing and a battlefield all at the same time.

And all that in one year.

I can't wait to see where God brings our family by next November. I know He has already been stirring some things in my heart and I am beginning to pray for His will to be done. Not every year is going to be full of this kind of joy, I know. There was a year when we prayed for a baby and there was a year when we prayed for healing from cancer without the answers we wanted. Yet through it all, and with each passing Thanksgiving, I am more and more grateful for the gift of a Savior.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Robinson's!

a few family photos taken by my brother-in-law Justin Robinson