Music update

So it's been awhile since I've talked about my music. Been busy, you know, having a baby and everything. :) But since I was asked at the grocery store the other day if I'd "given up on singing," I thought it might be time for a little update on where my heart is. I was up late the other night planning out my next EP. I chose the songs (5 of them) and made a plan for when and how I wanted to go about recording. Feeling inspired and accomplished, I went to talk to Josh about it. He gave me the "what is your goal" talk and I realized... I don't know anymore. I just wanted to make another album. Didn't really think about why.

Music is a passion. But not the only passion in my life. Especially now. I get excited about leading others in worship to God, but I'm just as excited about worshiping Him when I'm not the one leading. I love writing songs and I want to share them with others. But at the center of my life, of everything I do, I want God to be glorified. I want to make Him known. What else is really worth living for?

So back to my conversation with Josh. He is so smart to ask the "why" in everything. Even if I really dislike it at the time. ;) If there is no purpose in whatever we do, then we end up living selfish lives. Once we know our purpose, then we live with that in mind.

His question stirred a lot within my heart.

To be honest, there have been many opportunities for me to pursue a full-time singing career. Sometimes I wonder if my lack of ambition and self-promotion are a fault of mine. But I do rest in the fact that I can plan all my life to do something, but God determines the steps to make it happen. I believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

A wife, a mom and leading worship at my church. I find my purpose fulfilled in all three of those things. What a blessing!

Right now I barely have time to sit down and write a song (in between feedings, diaper changes, housework, cooking, etc). But my heart has a lot to say. I do hope to record again soon, but not without a clear purpose. Be praying for God to make that known to me, if it's what He desires. For now, you can still buy a copy of my New Day EP on iTunes or order a hard copy to be shipped to you by pushing the "Buy Now" button below. :)

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!