My little warrior.

I have had a difficult time blogging lately. Not that I don't have tons of things to write about, just the opposite really. I am enjoying life as a mommy so much that I am finding it hard to break away from any moment with my boy! When he's awake, I want to play with him and watch him smile. When he's asleep, I want to stare at him and kiss his baby soft cheeks. So basically, this is the last thing on my mind. My sweet friend, Kerrie, just welcomed a new nephew and asked mommy bloggers how they do it? I would like to know that answer too. But here I am now, so I better not waste time blogging about how much I don't have time to blog.

I really just wanted to give a quick update on a few things.

We went to the doctor on Monday for Micah's heart appointment. Let me tell you... it was the most encouraging appointment yet!!! Basically, he is having NO symptoms of heart failure. He should have by now if the hole in his heart was causing him problems. What the doctor explained to us was that the hole is actually being blocked by a muscle - so it is not allowing as much blood flow to escape! He drew a picture for us to help us understand. Instead of being a straight medium-large hole in Micah's heart that allows a lot of blood flow to leak out into the lungs, there is a muscle blocking the hole, so the blood returns on it's normal path. If blood does get around the muscle somehow, the holes are so small that he could live with it as long as he continues to have no symptoms! Or even better, the muscle blocking the hole could attach itself to the top and bottom where it's not connected and cause what could be described as a "dip" in the wall. Not sure any of this makes sense written out like this (hence, the reason the doctor drew it out for us on paper) but to sum it up... he most likely will NOT need surgery!!!!! Major blessing! Of course, they still need to confirm all of this by continuing to do scans on his heart and monitoring his progress as he grows. I'm not sure how long we'll be going to the heart doctor every two weeks, but as long as he is healthy it is worth it. PRAISE GOD!

So there's the medical side of how we are doing.

In other news... Micah is 9 weeks yesterday. And it's like he's all of a sudden a whole new boy! He is smiling and cooing and moving around like crazy. So alert. A little more fussy (which is what I expected really, why he was so quiet for 8 weeks made me nervous!) and this time change has completely thrown off his sleeping schedule! But we are working on it. :)

The election results are in! And... I feel the same as yesterday. Nothing has changed. And my hope is still in the Lord. I will say this though, I learned a lot about the state of our nation by watching the voting poll results on the news last night. 1 in 5 people claim no religion. Our country is the ungodliest it's ever been. And what some call "moving forward" is actually quite backwards if you take a look at history (Sodom and Gomorrah, anybody?) I am continuing to pray for our leaders. But mostly for Jesus to invade our lives and change us from the inside out! Only once He has radically changed our thinking will we ever see things the way He sees them.

Ok, I'll stop there. But I will leave you with this plea. Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. (1 Cor. 16:13) It's a desperate world out there, we need to be ready to face it.

In the mean time, I'm working on raising my little warrior for Christ right now. :)