month: two

Another month has FLOWN by!!

I am still in awe & so blessed to be Micah's mommy.

Today was rough (aka. busy, fussy little one) & I almost skipped out on blogging. But I never want to miss a chance to document these moments. They are going by so fast -- and it really is hard to keep up, but this little place online is my journal to share the special times.

Here are a few snapshots from Micah's second month.

One of his very first smiles, at 7 weeks.

Like father, like son.

Micah took his first road trip out of state to visit some friends!

His first kiss! (besides the ones I give him :) :)

Halloween outfit.

Meeting his great-grandpa!

Break-dancing at church (see video below!)

 He loves his daddy.


See my husband's blog for a full 2 month video!