month: one

Happy ONE MONTH Micah Jordan.

I can't believe it's already been a month since our little boy arrived! Nursing, diaper changes and rocking/soothing to sleep has mostly been my routine lately. Call me up and I'm probably doing one of those three things! ha. But what a joy it has been. Micah is changing every day. When we brought him home, he slept a lot (and still does) and we could tell his eyes weren't mature enough to really "focus" on us yet. But the last couple weeks he has come to life! He now follows our eyes when we move. And if he's crying, he'll immediately stop when he catches a glimpse of his daddy and I. We're pretty sure his love languages are physical touch and quality time (I'm sure that's all babies, really). We are still waiting for a real SMILE... but he gives us this smirk sometimes that makes Josh and I think he's going to break at any moment. :) He's had a strong neck since birth, but around three weeks he really started holding up his head for good amounts of time. And now while lying on his tummy, he can turn it from side to side! Such a strong, growing boy. This is what we've been praying for! At his last doctor appointment this past Monday, he weighed 10.2lbs!! That is 2.1lbs more than his birth weight. We were so thrilled to hear this. As long as he is growing and not having any issues, the doctors will hold off on doing surgery to repair the hole in his heart. The one thing we continue to ask prayer for is his breathing. It's a little faster than it should be, so he was prescribed some medicine that is supposed to help.

All that said, we couldn't be more proud of our little blessing. He is perfect and exactly the way God created him to be! We are so honored to be his parents.