::3 weeks::


life is on pause at the moment.

how am i suppose to get anything done when i stare at this face all day?

my sleep schedule is off. my eating schedule is off. and i'm lucky if i take a shower and get dressed (didn't happen today). but i am loving every moment.

Micah is 3 weeks today.

and i'm still learning what every cry means. and that sometimes he just wants to be held. i have no problem holding him all day. but that means nothing gets done. and i'm learning to be okay with that.

thankfully, i have an AMAZING husband (and daddy!) who has become great at dishes, laundry and putting my food on a plate for me. he does it without complaining too -- after a full day at work. our family time is now spent together on the sofa, going for a walk, or giving Micah a bath. and i'm soaking it up.

because i know the time is over too soon. and before I blink, he'll be a teenager seeking independence.

so yes, i'll gladly pause life and snuggle with my baby. today, tomorrow... as long as i can.