Thank you

My precious little boy is sleeping ever so peacefully right now, so I thought it a good time to write a little update. :) I have been overwhelmed by the messages, phone calls and texts that I've received from so many of you prayer warriors out there! All I can say is THANK YOU so much!! Your prayers are definitely appreciated and working! God has given me such a peace this past week. I was an emotional wreck after learning about Micah's heart condition and could barely talk to anyone about it without crying. In fact, I avoided phone calls from family because I knew that I was going to be a blubbering mess while trying to talk to them (I think we can blame at least some of this on post partum hormones). But, my spirit has been lifted and I know that it is all because of the Lord and you wonderful people that have been praying on our behalf.

This has also humbled me in a lot of ways. Reading messages and comments from so many people that are praying for Micah and his healing, has made me think about how many times I take a moment to write and encourage others that I know are going through a trial. Not a lot, to be honest. I often fail at praying for and reaching out to my closest friends. Yet, here I am receiving messages and phone calls from people that I've never even met! Wow. Thank you for showing me the love of Christ in such a powerful way.

We have also been blessed by our church families. And yes, I mean that plurally.

Josh and I have been a part of three different churches in the four years we've been married. This wasn't by our own intention - wherever God calls us to go, we go. And though it's been hard to leave the friendships we've made, the blessing comes now - when we need prayer, those church families are reaching out to let us know they care. That is truly what the body of Christ is about! So thank you to our FaithBridge family, Watermark family and Church @ the Springs family.

We go tomorrow for another appointment with the pediatric cardiologist at Shands. They will do another echo and monitor Micah's development so far. I'm no doctor, but this boy can eat! And I'm pretty sure he's gained a least a pound since birth. Maybe that's just the motherly sentiment in me that feels like "he's already growing up so fast!" But really, he is.