We are more valuable than the "likes" we receive.

This morning I got up, went to the bathroom, grabbed my phone from the charger and laid back down in bed to scroll through my social media apps. My recent Facebook status had gotten "54 likes" (it was about my growing belly not fitting in a booth, people find self-deprecating humor funny), my latest Instagram, "22 likes" (that's a little disappointing, it was about VOTING people... come on now!) and "0" replies/retweets on Twitter (biggest disappoint of all, where's the tweet-love??)

All joking aside... there is some truth behind the value I place on myself because of social media.

While it may not be an outspoken thing, I believe many people are basing their worth on how many Facebook/Twitter/Instagram likes, follows and retweets they get. At the root of all people is the desire to be accepted. Growing up, we found our worth in who we were friends with or what boy/girl liked us that week. Times have changed, but the heart of it all is still the same. At least back then, I was the only person that knew how many people invited me to their birthday party or told me they liked my new hair cut. Now we have a device that measures the exact quantity for us. I read an article just this morning on "Why My Kids Won't Use Social Media Anytime Soon" and I completely agree (and kids or not, I highly encourage you to read it too!)

Now many of you may try and deny that social media has any real affect on you. And that's fine. But ask yourself this ONE thing, "Is checking Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram a part of my daily routine?" If the answer is yes, then it has affected you. In fact, dictionary.com claims that the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice is called an addiction. For me, personally, this addiction runs deep. I now check my phone before grabbing my Bible. Anything that we put before God, is an idol.

Now I will be the first to say that social media, in of itself, is not bad. In fact, I am a huge advocate of using it as a tool to further spread the Gospel and network with other people. I believe it can be used for so much good! Which is why this idol is so easily disguised and rationalized in my life. 

It disgusts me that I cannot find a healthy balance. But I am making progress.

Josh and I refuse to take out our phones when we're out to eat. The only exception is if we are taking a picture of each other (or of you know, our food, to Instagram later). And starting... today, tomorrow... I will be grabbing my Bible instead of reaching for my iPhone to check in the mornings.

Little steps. I may not be on the road to recovery yet, but I hope to be. And instead of going cold-turkey and deleting every social app I have, I find it healthier to repent and learn to walk in the truth that my value and worth is found only in my Savior.