37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 37 weeks (FULL TERM!!)... only 21 more days to go. :) Thanking Jesus for a healthy and smooth pregnancy so far! Size of baby: 19.25 in and 6.3 lbs (although, my midwife said she is "guesstimating" Micah to be about 6 lbs 14 oz right now) Maternity Clothes: Of course. :) And lately I have been wearing Josh's t-shirts at night because they are just much more comfortable! Gender: Little man! Movement: Whoever said that the baby stops moving as much in the third semester was crazy... this boy has kicked it into high gear with the movement! He is squirming all around and turning my belly into all different shapes. It's amazing to watch! He is pretty active in the mornings and later in the day, around dinner time. Sleep: This is my routine - fall asleep around 11:00pm, wake up at 1:00am, back to sleep, wake up at 4:00am, back to sleep, wake up at 6:30am, back to sleep, wake up (for good) at 8:30am. And yes, I pee every single time. I'm not complaining though - at least I get to sleep in a little bit AND it is preparation for when baby comes! :) What I miss: I miss being able to bend over without feeling like I'm going to break my back!! Haha, honestly... I'm starting to miss my old body a little, just because it is SO much harder to move around now. Not to mention the swollen hands and feet. But I know I'll miss being pregnant, so I'm enjoying it while I can. :) Cravings: Still craving LEMONS like crazy! All I drink is lemon water. I don't even want a soda. This is pretty crazy coming from someone who had a hard time finishing a bottle of water, but could chug a can of Cherry Coke pre-pregnancy. I hope this craving sticks around for awhile. :) Symptoms: This is funny now... what symptoms do I NOT have should be the question! :) Obviously the huge belly, wiggling baby, and urge to pee every 15 minutes should cover it. Still have a little heartburn/reflux, but I think I'm learning to manage it a little better. Been having some Braxton Hicks on and off, as well as a little cramping feeling. Oh, and I've had a sharp pain down my left leg occasionally that must be the baby on my sciatic nerve. Ouch. Best moment this week: Going to the doctor, hearing the baby's heartbeat and learning that I am almost 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced!!! SOON!!

Took a few pictures of Micah's nursery! I have been excited to get it done. Still need to purchase a crib mattress and crib sheets, but we are waiting on that since he won't be sleeping in his crib for a couple months. We are going to keep him in our room in the bassinet that comes with the pack n play, since his room is all the way across the house. It will be more comfortable for him to feel close and for me when I'm getting up to feed in the middle of the night. So... just imagine light blue sheets and blankets that will be in the crib soon!

Also, please excuse the less-than-quality photos. I had to use the self-timer to take shots of me in them! :)

This navy blue chest was mine when I was growing up. It's so neat to be able to pass it down to Micah! I used it for everything from toys to college notebooks and photo albums. :)

His first gift was a succulent plant from his aunt Courtney! I actually drew inspiration from the colors found on the cup, for his room.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully soon I can post pictures of my little man in his very own room. :)