33 Weeks

photo credit: Innovative Memories

photos taken by Innovative Memories

Pregnancy Highlights:


How far along: 33 weeks... only 48 more days to go!

Size of baby: 17 inches & 4.25 lbs - about the size of a pineapple.

Maternity Clothes: LOVE dresses and skirts! It's all I wear. The only time I actually wear pants is when I sing at church - the stage is high, so it's a modesty thing. :)

Gender: ALL BOY, most definitely. We have the 3D ultrasound of his boy parts to prove it. ha! ;)

Movement: Lots of squirms and rolls lately. I don't feel as many "kicks," but I think that's because he's running out of room. He has ended up in some weird positions when I wake up in the mornings. Sometimes my belly is all contorted on one side, or in the middle. It's really fun to play "poke and seek" with him. I poke him in his foot and he moves it to another place, I find it and poke it again! Josh won't play too long, he thinks it annoys him. Haha, I think he likes it. :)

Sleep: Not much has changed here. It's still difficult to sleep. I am thankful for my body pillow relieving some of the pain in my hips. I usually wake up 4-5 times in the night to roll over and/or pee.

What I miss: Since it's summer, I miss being able to be in the sun as long as I want to. My doctor told me the baby gets too hot and can't cool down in there, so he advised me to stay out of it. I still like going to the pool and swimming a little, it's good exercise and he can stay cool while I get sun! :) I also miss being able to go on mission trips. There are two going on this week that I would have LOVED to be a part of - a team from Watermark returned to Costa Rica where we went last year and Josh took a bunch of students from our new ministry to downtown Atlanta to do some community work.

Cravings: This may sound weird, but I am craving ice water with lemon. Like I want to eat the lemon and ice. Haha! Weird. Also, I am loving mandarin oranges and orange juice again. And green olives are always yummy. :)

Symptoms: Pelvic pain. I think this means the baby is low. All I know is it hurts to walk, cross my legs and roll over in bed. But I have good days! I'm just ready to meet this little guy!

Best moment this week: BABY SHOWER!!! Hosted by my lovely sister and mom. It was great and lots of fun (except the part where I had to eat 10 different kinds of baby food... that was gross).

I have been busy getting everything ready in the baby room! And having a baby shower just adds to the excitement of organizing and putting things in their place. Hopefully I can post some pictures of the "final product" soon. But right now, it's still a work in progress. :) I did finish the photo display above the dresser/changing table. I am really excited about how it turned out! I love it!! I hope Micah enjoys seeing his mommy and daddy every morning when he wakes up and every time he gets his little diaper changed.


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