::4 Years & a Babymoon::

Josh and I spent the weekend in Orlando, Florida celebrating our

4 year anniversary!!!!

(that's four exclamation marks in case you didn't catch the excitement)



When I look at Josh, I see...


a passionate man of God a faithful and loving husband a soon-to-be, excited daddy a strong leader an encouraging friend an inspiring communicator a great teacher an outgoing personality a gifted athlete a heart full of laughter a tender spirit


my husband!

I love you, Josh.



This weekend was also planned as our "babymoon." or in other words...

our last vacation together before the baby comes.

It was great to have this time together. I highly recommend it for all couples, expecting a baby or not. I will say this though, we are definitely EXCITED to be parents! We know it's going to be tough. We know we're not going to get any sleep. We know we will have less time to devote to "just us." But, we are ready.

We get the blessing of raising a child to know and love Jesus!

How AWESOME is that?!

We have enjoyed four wonderful years (well, seven if you count dating) together. And are so thrilled to relive and rediscover things through the eyes of a child! We spent some time at Disney World this weekend and loved it. But cannot wait til Micah gets to be with us!




We had a ton of fun "making memories" in Orlando this weekend! We ate at a dinner theater. Met some cool people from Ireland. Went to Downtown Disney. "Fork & dined" at the AMC theater (coolest experience!) And explored Epcot.

(Check out the video my hubby put together on his blog!)

And to let you guys in on a little secret of ours...we spent almost NO money doing all of this! It's definitely not for everybody, but we pride ourselves in being experts in "timeshare tours." Check it out for yourself here.


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