Love Everlasting - original song

Sat down and wrote my first song since the move. You know, I have a hard time writing peppy songs. Even though, I'm a pretty peppy person most of the time! It's just that I'm inspired to write when I need to cry out to God. So that explains why most of my songs are about finding joy in pain and trials. I need Him everyday of my life. I need reminders that He is there, even when everything seems hopeless. You may find this hard to believe about me... but I'm normal. :) I have struggles. I cry too much. Maybe I'm just more emotional because of the pregnancy, but I've definitely been feeling sensitive (to everything) lately. This song speaks about the one thing that keeps me going - Jesus, my love everlasting.

Love Everlasting

It's not easy being broken It's not easy feeling pain Time won't mend the words unspoken Time will let them slip away

chorus: You are hope when the world is dimming around me You are peace when the storms come crashing You are joy when my sorrow seems unending You are love everlasting everlasting

Open wounds are hard to heal Once a blister, now a scar Time won't take the pain away Time can only play a part

repeat chorus

bridge: You are my hope when all is lost You are my peace when all is chaos You are my joy, You are my love everlasting (2x)

repeat chorus