Thankful in Transition

Today I woke up with no schedule. No plans. For the first time in three weeks!  Since moving to Ocala, I have been overcome with emotions. Happiness, excitement, worry, joy, anticipation, nervousness, relief... I am sure there are a few I'm leaving out. But above all else, if there's one thing I can testify to... it is thankfulness. It may only be Monday, but I am going to begin this new week by listing a few things I have been thankful for since this transition.  

I am thankful for...


My brave and faithful husband.

I have been amazed by Josh's obedience to God, even when it may mean taking the difficult path. Uprooting our lives and moving to a new city, leading a new ministry, and making new friends... is not an easy task. It takes a man of character, leadership and strength to make this transition comfortable - not only for himself, but for his family as well. I am thankful today for my husband and his ability to do that.      

A welcoming church family.

We have been blown away by the support of our new church family @ The Springs. There were about 20 people in and out of our house the day we arrived. Helping us unload, unpack and stocking our pantry with groceries. It was a sight to see! In fact, as I look around my house right now... it looks like we have lived here for at least three months, not three WEEKS! They have gone above and beyond to bless us and make us feel welcome here. Thank you, Church @ The Springs.    

Our baby boy, Micah.

Now that we are settled into our home, we can begin the exciting journey of planning for the arrival of our little boy, Micah! Every morning I am greeted with a little "thump, thump" from this little one. Being pregnant was an answer to prayer for us, and one that I will never take advantage of. There are only 16 weeks left to enjoy, before Micah is expected to make his appearance. This pregnancy has flown by! I am thankful for our precious blessing.    

My mom's remission from cancer.

I received the great news that my mom's cancer was in remission... on my BIRTHDAY! It was a wonderful gift. The best I could ask for. I know that this does not mean the end of the battle for her just yet, but it does give us hope that the chemo is working and the cancer can be defeated! As with any trial, it brings us to our knees. Our dependence is on the Lord to get through it. I can say this has been so true for my family. I am so thankful for God's mercy and healing on my mother.    

New opportunities.

Not everything about transitioning is difficult, of course. There are lots of exciting opportunities for us ahead as we make new friends, discover new ways to use our gifts and talents, and explore our new city! We have already enjoyed eating out at several local places, found the closest airport where we can take a short (55 minute!!) flight to Greenville to visit Josh's family, we joined the local YMCA, I led worship with The Springs team this weekend and Josh has baptized two students already!! We are thankful for this new platform and all the opportunities that come with it. May God be honored in all we do!