Still My Soul

Today I found out a college friend and sister-in-Christ passed away in a car accident last night. My heart broke. I was driving home myself when I heard the news, and stopped at every yellow light. I didn't want to chance it. Also, I used the extra time to send up prayers on behalf of the husband and son she left behind. These are the times I just don't understand God's plan. Just a few days ago I received an email from a worship leader named Brian who came across my videos on youtube. He shared with me a little of his story and that he is a songwriter as well. He asked if I wouldn't mind covering one that he has written. Honestly, I get emails like this quite frequently and rarely respond. Usually I am too busy or the music/lyrics are not really something I connect with.

But this was different. These lyrics inspired me and on top of that, the music he attached to it only added to the power of the message. I was really impressed. I played around with it on the guitar a little, before getting caught up in something else. But I wrote and let him know that I would find time to record it as soon as I could.

Then today happened. And in the crazy way that God works, as I was trying to comprehend and grieve the loss of this precious sister in Christ, the words of Brian's song came to my mind.

I just had to share it with all of you.

Still My Soul Words/Music ©2012 Brian Rossi (Arranged by Cassidy Robinson)


Verse 1: Broken Hearted Life's frustrated Hopes and dreams, are gone

Tears have fallen Cries have echoed Fears and doubts consume


CHORUS: Still my soul will Boast in God who Fills my heart with joy (2x)


Verse 2: Sorrow spoken Songs to Heaven Lord You hear my cry

Loving Father Mercies promised Grace that satisfies




BRIDGE: Praise to God Exalt His Name Magnify the King Who hears my cry Who heals my soul My broken heart will sing

Here is a little bit of Brian's testimony in writing this song:

For me, one of the areas I struggle the most as a human is seeing my family members experience pain and health issues.  My wife has MS and my 8 year old son is a cancer survivor.  I am the worship leader at my church and most of the tunes I've written focus on God's grace and strength in my times of weakness.  I guess I've been allowed to experience all of those things with my family so I can have the real life experience that make writing songs like that mean something.


Amen, Brian.