Our New Journey

In the four short years that we've been married, Josh and I have been on quite the journey.

Our engagement and first year of marriage was spent in Jacksonville, Florida at FaithBridge Church, before we moved to a small town in Alabama where Josh accepted the position as student pastor of Watermark Church. Just as God clearly called us to each of these ministries, He has now, even more clearly, called us to another one.

In the past four months, a lot has happened in Josh and I's life. We found out we were expecting our first child! Something we have prayed for, for the past year. And then a couple weeks later, we got the news that my mom was diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma. Having walked down this road before with Josh's brother, Jordan, we were devastated to see someone we love facing the horrible "c-word" again. I have been traveling back, once a month, to my hometown in Ocala, FL to visit my mom after her chemo treatments.

A new struggle began to arise in our hearts, and Josh came home one day just exhausted emotionally. We both were. It never crossed my mind to move, since... well, I was pregnant. A move would require a change in doctor, home, stability - all things that (on top of labor, ha) were my worst fear. But as Josh and I talked and began planning for our future, we were not at peace with staying where we were.

God worked in ways that only He could, to lead us to the Church @ The Springs.

It is an incredible story. One that I don't even know where to begin in writing down. All that I can say is, we are blessed. Blessed to be called to serve with a church whose mission beats right along with our heart for people, blessed to be called to serve with a church located 10 miles from my mom's (and dad's) house, blessed to be able to give birth (Lord-willing) to our son in the same hospital that I was born in, and blessed to know that God is completely in control and has worked every detail out perfectly.

As with any move, leaving people we love is bittersweet. We have made some great relationships at Watermark and are going to miss them dearly! My prayer and hope rests in the fact that I know God is going to continue the work that He began in so many of the students and families that we were able to share the past three years of our lives with. It has nothing to do with us. His work will be completed regardless. I am just thankful that we are allowed to be a part of it.