So now that I have lots to write about, ponder on and meditate, I am quiet. Funny how the more my mind is running, the less my body is.So far, pregnancy has been the most unpredictable thing we've ever planned for. Emotions, appetite, bodily functions... yes, all unpredictable. But more than anything, the most unpredictable thing of all is what will occur these next 7 months. Yes, already 2 months down. I can barely believe it.

We've walked the path of struggling to conceive for so long (well, long in our minds), that I just can't leave the stories and testimonies of friends that have gone before me (and suffered loss, infertility or other complications) behind. They are constantly on my heart and in my mind as I write my next tweet or status update or blog post. I want to be as sensitive as I can to those that I know are wishing for nausea, constipation, bloating and all those other lovely symptoms that occur during pregnancy.

Do not complain. That's been my prayer.

And I wish I could say I never uttered a single, uncomfortable word to Josh about how I felt. But the truth is, I couldn't be more grateful and blessed to be feeling this way.

It can be hard not to worry about what the outcome will be, or what we will see at every appointment. But I just have to trust the Lord. My God who has brought me through SO much already, will see me through to the end. I know it. I have learned so much through this process - God is truly the giver of life. Every good gift is from above. I will treasure this as long as I can.

I leave you with a little video my wonderful, baby daddy made after our first appointment at the doctor - Baby Robinson was only 6 weeks! We go back for our 10 week appointment in about a week and a half. Thank you for the prayers, friends. Please keep them coming!