New Year, New Life.

When I opened up last October about my husband and I's struggle in trying to conceive, we were so blessed by the encouraging responses we received from all of you, my friends and family! I never knew that so many others were going through similar situations, and my heart has been filled with prayers and empathy for those who are so desperately praying for a child. Because of this, I wanted to take the time to share our story with all of you. :)

Children are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. - Proverbs 127:3

As some of you know, after a year of trying to conceive... I had a successful surgery in November to remove endometriosis. It was a scary experience going in, as I had never been put "under the knife" as they call it. But the surgery was not bad at all and the recovery only took a couple weeks. It also gave us so much hope going forward when the doctor told us he found the problem and "fixed" it. Praise the Lord for that!

In December, we were able to relax and enjoy a couple weeks of Christmas vacation with both of our families and even a ski trip to Snowshoe Mountain, which was quite the adventure! The excitement only continued post-New Years when we were welcomed home with...




(Okay, actually three.)


Thank you ALL for your prayers for us. God has answered!! What a blessing! I was so nervous/anxious/excited all at once after finding out, I didn't even call Josh first! I called my sister... to ask her what to do! Ha! I thought about waiting until Josh got home to surprise him... but after 30 seconds, I realized that wasn't gonna happen! I sent him a text with the positive test and said, "Can you tell me what this means?!" Ten seconds later, my phone rings. We've been waiting to burst with the news ever since!


After confirming with the doctor earlier today and finding out that I am 5 weeks along, we decided that we wanted to share this news early. No matter what happens, God has given us this most precious gift of life and we want to celebrate! We also want to ask for your prayers as this stage of development is the most critical. We know our Creator already has a plan and purpose for this child and we are excited to be IT's caretakers for even a little while! Our due date is currently scheduled for September 4th.


For this child, we pray.


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