Christmas with STANta.

Well, I've already celebrated my first Christmas! :) We spent this past weekend in Panama City Beach with my dad's side of the family. It is pretty funny how it worked out actually. We were supposed to cruise our way to the Bahamas, but two days before departure we got news that the AC broke on the ship. What?! I know. When do these things ever happen?

It was a blessing in the end. My aunt had a friend who owned this gorgeous beach home and offered to let us have it for a few days. It definitely didn't feel like Christmas this weekend... it felt more like spring break. A cool breeze and sunset that was just breath-taking, every night.


But a family vacation would not be a family vacation with out some dysfunction. As my sister likes to say... we put the FUN in "dysfunctional." Ha! As I get older, I learn that some of the weaknesses that I have are similar to those of my parents. And if I don't make the choice to be different, I will pass on generational sins to my children as well. But thanks to JESUS and the grace of God, I can live every day with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Or at least try. These are the traits that I desire to emulate and these are the traits I want to pass on to generations to come.


Of course, I am grateful for where I come from. In fact, I know that it was all part of God's plan for me to grow up in the family I did. I love them so much and I pray I can have the compassion of my mom, Becky, and the generosity of my dad, Stan. Or as we like to call him... "STANta." :)