goodbye thanksgiving, hello christmas!

We had quite a Thanksgiving week! My husband was sick for most of it, sadly. He came down with a Peritonsillar abscess in his throat which was no fun at all. Especially during a time when you want to be able to eat everything in sight without difficulty! He suffered through this for a week thinking he had strep throat. Then after it worsened, we were informed it was an abscess. We ended up making several trips to the doctor to figure this thing out. Despite this setback, we still managed to enjoy our time in South Carolina with family. Josh was even willing to take a few photos with me for our Christmas card this year (which just arrived in the mail today! Snapfish is speedy). Bless his heart, he could hardly smile without hurting! I love this guy.

thanks to justin robinson for taking the lovely photos

Speaking of Christmas... I am excited about sharing a little acoustic Christmas EP I've been working on this week! Someone asked me if I would record a Christmas album for them a few weeks ago. I immediately got excited, because I love Christmas music! But, I had no idea how I could even possibly record anything in such a short time (anything, well good, I mean). So instead of stressing over it - I decided I would just do mp3's of what I usually do for my youtube videos. Live acoustic covers. I'll be putting it up on Noisetrade for free at the end of the week (hopefully!) so be looking for it then! But for now... I will leave you with the track listing. I tried to cover more obscure Christmas songs that not a lot of people know. And then of course, some of my traditional favorites. The best part about this? It was completely recorded on my handy, dandy... iPhone! Ha! I downloaded garageband on my phone and just played around with it. Surprisingly, it worked! I titled this EP "iCHRISTmas" for two reasons: 1) It was recorded on the "iPhone" so I wanted the trademark "i" in there and 2) CHRIST is bigger than i. This season is all about Him.