being present

Hey there, blog friends! It's been a few days, hasn't it? :)

I mentioned in my previous posts that we'd be doing a little traveling this week - and WHEW! have we ever. It's been fun, though. We spent the weekend in Melbourne, FL where my husband Josh spoke to a group of students and adults on "being awakened' in Christ. God really moved and it was a fantastic time altogether! I was able to sing a few of my songs as well - None Like You, Little One and I Need You. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones along the way!

Then, we stopped by my hometown in central Florida to visit with my mom and then visit with dad. Splitting time between two families when you're married is no easy task, but how about when you have to split your time on one side between split parents? Even more difficult.  But we made the best of it. :)

After leaving Monday morning to head up to Greenville, Josh's throat became unbearably sore. He suffered through the sore throat over the weekend - but shrugged it off as just strain from speaking so much. By the time Monday hit, he knew it was more serious. We made the 8 1/2 hour trek to Greenville (with me driving half of the way... not sure it helped Josh relax as much as I was hoping, hah!) and stopped by a CVS minute clinic as soon as we arrived. His sweet momma took us there. Come to find out... Josh has STREP. Ouch. We got his diagnosis, antibiotics and were out of there in an hour (not a minute, mind you, but pretty fast nonetheless). If there is any place to recover - the Robinson house is as good as it gets. Hot tea, therapeutic neck warmers and vitamins. Josh should be feeling better in no time! :)

I have been convicted lately about being present wherever I am. In this world of distractions - especially with the advancements in technology and numerous ways to stay connected - I can miss being connected with those I am present with. So that said, this week I am going to take a leave of absence from the blog to spend precious time with family. I hope to share all the great happenings as soon as we return home! I know there will be many. :)