real dirt

I tweeted this the other day:

I love a good singer, but my favorite artists are those who write their own music. I'm more inspired by words than vocal runs.  -@cassidyrobinson

This is so so true for me. I would choose to pop in Taylor Swift over Carrie Underwood on a car ride home, just because I know for a fact that I am hearing Taylor's heart when she sings. But, there's no question Carrie is the better singer. This thought has me thinking - when it comes to my music, are people hearing my heart?

Sometimes I shy away from saying the whole truth, because I am afraid of what people may think. I know, really? But it's true. I want to protect my family. I want to honor them. I want to respect the good that has been shown to me. So I avoid writing about the real dirt.

We all have it though. And sometimes I wonder if hiding this does any good? Doesn't it help to sometimes get it out?

There's a fine line between writing for the sake of writing, and writing for the sake of healing. I want to write for healing. If there is one goal I have for my music - it is that God is glorified through my joy, sorrow and pain. And if someone hears my song, I hope they hear my heart over the vocals.

I leave you now, with an oldie but goodie.


I stare across the floor I know that I've been here before It's like losing you, again And I can't take the violins

They play the same tune We sing the same song About a memory that's gone And it feels just like goodbye But I know you're on the other side

I pass you on the street I see you in everyone I meet You're like the wind beneath my hair I feel you and know you are

There when I'm down There when I'm fighting hope Your voice is an echo And I'm not gonna say goodbye Cause I know you're on the other side

And there's too many heartbreaks And too many tragedies To fight it alone in this life Oh, God I need You Til I'm on the other side

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p.p.s. 11/18/11 thankful list...

11. long trips in the car with my husband 12.  the music of needtobreathe, switchfoot & coldplay (the soundtrack to our roadtrips) 13.  sleep 14. my guitar 15. smuckers uncrustables pb&j sandwiches (the perfect travel snack) 16.  plenty of clothing to wear 17.  my iphone (the perfect travel companion, next to the hubs) 18.  a week of vacation 19.  our reliable "family" vehicle (Chevy Equinox) 20.  ministry opportunities