kina grannis - in your arms

One of the reasons I started putting up videos on youtube... was because of a young girl named Kina Grannis. If you watch youtube frequently, I guarantee you've probably run across one of her videos. I first "discovered" her in 2007. She entered one of her original songs in a "Crash the Superbowl" contest. And found unique ways to promote herself! One of those was writing a song, "Gotta Digg" about the growing social platform. Her audience grew and she won the CTS contest as well as a major record deal. Not too soon after, however, she left the label. She wanted independent control of her music and desired to reach out to her fans in a more personal way. Since then, she has worked harder than any artist I know! And she seems to love every minute of it. If I had to explain the youtube community to you... it would be sort of like the blogging world.  You find other youtubers that you look up to. And you gain wisdom from them on how to grow your community. I learned from Kina - and she took time to encourage me by leaving comments on my channel. Yesterday, she was featured on Ellen and finally received some national exposure! I have always been blown away by her music, but her newest music video has me speechless. Literally. It is an entire video made from... JELLY BEANS!!! You have to see this. I wonder how many jelly beans were eaten in the process? :)

Watch the "Making of - In Your Arms" first!



And a HUGE shout out to the director of this video: Greg Jardin (that guy has TALENT... and patience).

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