new song: pain

Today was a good day. I felt so much better after a rough night last night. (I had to take one of the heavy painkillers from the doctor - that's when you know it's a rough night) I have enjoyed being back with the students at school this week. While I was there today, I had the urge to sit at the piano and write. I don't really play piano and I haven't really had anything to write about lately, so this was odd. But once I sat down, I was again reminded of the loss that our town has been experiencing lately. We lost another one today. I didn't know him, but many close to us did. When I think about this pain of losing loved ones, my heart is torn out of my chest. I believe the Lord offers so much comfort and grace in those times of need, and I know He will provide that for me when the time eventually comes. (because it is true, death is coming for us all) But I just cannot imagine it now. I can literally bring myself to tears thinking about losing Josh, my sister and my parents. But I know it's going to happen. (unless, I go first) So I wrote this (very) short song with that in mind. One day I'm going to need to sing this. Even now I can sing it thinking about my dear friends who are dealing with the pain of loss. And when people come up and ask "how are you doing?" I am sure the words will go something like this...

**please excuse the rough singing, I am just getting my voice back after being sick with a virus (and the surgery didn't help much! ha)


Pain - Cassidy Robinson

since you're gone nothing's right only wrong (2x)

no i can't explain how i feel in the pain no i can't explain how i feel in the pain of losing you, ooh.