A Surgical Success

We arrived 15 minutes early to my surgery appointment on Wednesday morning. I guess you could say we were eager to get things over and done with! Of course, when you arrive at 5:00am for surgery, you have to be prepared for a couple hours of waiting. And that we did. We sat in the little "prep room" for about two and half hours. I got in my surgery getup, while Josh humored me by taking pictures (I also played a bit of Fruit Ninja on my iPhone to keep my mind occupied... haha!) Our pastor arrived and prayed with us. We kept waiting. The nurse finally came in and started prepping me for surgery. She put the IV in my hand - which was probably the most pain I felt until post-op. And it only stung a little. I was quite calm through the whole process. My blood pressure of 106/70 confirmed that.

  Around 7:30 (yes, two and half hours later) I was separated from the small room and my husband, and wheeled back into a holding area. I thought this was going to be it... but, it wasn't. This room was full of other patients. As I sat there for another hour, I overheard stories of why others were having surgery and it made my situation seem all the less worrisome - one girl had sliced her finger open, another man had kidney stones. I was beginning to get fidgety when the anesthesia doctor approached me, "They haven't given you anything yet?" I just nodded my head and smiled, "Nope, not yet." He told me he was going to go fix that.  

As soon as he walked away, another nurse came up to my bed and said she was going to be taking me back soon. The anesthesiast, or whatever you call him, handed her a needle full of some drug that she injected in my hand. She said they call it the, "I don't care" drug. And it literally began working... fast! I became a loopy mess. I remember her wheeling me back to the operation room and helping me move on to the table. She injected something else in my hand and I asked her if this was supposed to make me fall asleep, she said, "Not yet, this is just getting you prepared. As soon as the doctor walks in and gives me the go-ahead, I will give you the anesthesia." The last thing I remember are the double doors opening, a white coat walking in and the needle going in my IV.  

The surgery was a success. The doctor found endometriosis on both of my ovaries and a little behind my uterus, but was able to remove it all! I was told that this should help with pain and fertility. I am so thankful for the Lord's provision. I believe that if left untreated, things could have gotten a lot worse. I am still waiting to go back for my post-op appointment in a couple weeks, where I will hear ALL the details about the surgery and what to expect now.

  Thanks to everyone for your prayers! I have definitely felt the love. I also want to say a HUGE thank you, to my husband Josh, for being such a good "nurse" these past couple days as I've been healing up. It was more comfortable for me to sleep propped up in the recliner because of the placements of the incisions on my stomach and Josh has slept on the couch right beside me both days. What a lovely man I married. :)