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I received some encouraging news last night! Four of the songs off my "New Day" EP are playing on the radio in Lexington, KY!! Pretty exciting! It's amazing to know that my music is ministering in a place I've never been, to people I've never met. Thank you, Jesus. That's what it's all about.

In honor of this, I felt it was time I featured another "Behind the Music" post. This one is probably my second hardest to write (see the first here). The fifth track on the album, Everything, is dedicated to my brother-in-law, Jordan.

It was two months and four days after Josh and I were married that his younger brother, Jordan ended his battle with cancer. He received the ultimate healing. It was so difficult to see him in this type of pain. Jordan was strong and healthy, a basketball player at NGU and only 20 years old. We made it up to visit him about two weeks before he passed away, and were blessed to spend some good days watching movies, laughing and talking. He received lots of gifts during those days. I can remember one time specifically, when he received this "Sudoku" handset game. I was sitting in the room with him while he opened it. Attempting to be enthusiastic about his new gift, I told him that I loved that game! I remember he looked at it and then handed it to me and said, "Here, you can have it." I tried to refuse, but he insisted that I keep it. Even in his sickness, he was still giving to others. It's just the person he was. I never really play it, but I keep this little gift from Jordan as a reminder on my bookshelf.

That first Christmas we spent together with the Robinson's was hard. It was wonderful being with them, because they are such a comforting and encouraging family to be around, but it was hard to know there was someone missing. Even more difficult, Josh and I were now sleeping in Jordan's old room.

I sat on the bed alone one afternoon, just thinking. Jordan has everything.

We think of death and often refer to it as, the "loss of life." But, the Scripture teaches us that death is gain. Looking around Jordan's room, I saw all of his earthly possessions still in their place. Clothes, games, electronics. Some of the most valuable things to us here on earth. And they are just... things. The truth is, he gained everything the day he met his Savior, Jesus Christ face to face. In the presence of the fullness of joy. Nothing can compare.

This song was written in those quiet moments of reflection. We will all leave this earth eventually and stand before Jesus. Will we leave having filled ourselves with empty possessions or with all of Christ? Jordan chose what was best.



In my weakness You are strength and life In my doubt You are my faith to fight In my sickness You are hope to breathe

In my loneliness You're everything to me Everything

When I'm barely hanging on You're there When I'm too afraid to call You answer When I feel like hope is lost You speak

In my dying breath You're everything to me Everything

When I leave this world And all tomorrows When I leave this world Of pain and sorrow When I stand by You With nothing left

I will still hold in my heart Everything, You're everything

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