Jacksonville and Egypt

Hello again! Just dropping in to say, I'm alive. But if you're reading this blog, you probably already know that - I am always a tweetin' or a facebookin' anyway. Last week was my "fall break" from teaching, so I spent the week visiting with my sister and mom in Jacksonville while Josh was away. We had a great time. I hadn't seen my sister since she became a 'Mrs.' in June. That was way too long! This also happened to be her birthday week, so it worked out even better that I could be there to "celebrate" 22 years of life with her. She was a great hostess and had her place decorated so nice and comfortable for us to stay in. Which reminds me, I forgot to get pictures of it (sorry, Court!) Guess that means I'll need to go back soon. ;)

I did take some pictures of our outings though (Josh took my SLR to Egypt, so thanks to my handy-dandy iPhone for these shots).We went to the Towncenter, Starbucks, Mellow Mushroom, Barnes and Noble, Avenues Mall, Olive Garden... you know, the usual girly places.

I talked with Josh on Skype wherever I had Wifi. It was so neat to be able to actually SEE him while he was in Egypt! I did not expect to be able to do that. But it was such a blessing. The time change was different though. There is a six hour difference between Jacksonville and Egypt. Most of the time, he was getting up when I was going to bed! And he would go to bed when my day was just getting started. It was crazy. I was always counting hours in my head to figure out what time it was over there. No more of that, though... because he's sitting right in front of me on his comfy chair. :)

That's right, Josh is home.