My Week in Photos

Happy October! Sorry I didn't post last week. It was quite a crazy one. Some highs and some lows. But praise the Lord for many opportunities to serve alongside my husband in ministry! Instead of making this a lengthy update (since I'm prone to ramble, especially when I feel like I have so much to catch up on) I thought I would do a picture update instead.

Made a Fall Leaf art project with my K3-6th grade Art classes to celebrate the beginning of fall! Baked cookies for small group later that night, but was in such a hurry after getting home late from work, that they were only partially cooked and had no time to cool. Thankfully our small group friends were kind and ate them anyway. :)

Attended a SYATP (See You At the Pole) rally in Panama City Beach, FL where Josh was speaking. He gave a great message! We also ate pizza for the third night in a row. Sunday for lunch at college small group, Monday night at our young adults small group and then at the youth rally Tuesday night. I love it, but this was a little much.

Wednesday was our Refuge Student Ministry's SYATP rally at Watermark! Games, giveaways, cardboard testimonies, worship and the gospel was preached! It was a great night... and Wednesday continues to be my favorite day of the week (besides date night with my hubby).

After THREE YEARS I was reunited with one of my dear friends, Michelle. She is on her way to Hungary for two years as a journeyman missionary. Michelle and I spent a lot of time together in college and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. I am blessed to call her a friend and thankful that she stopped by to visit on her "farewell tour" as she called it. Please pray for her as she flies out this week to serve our Lord overseas!

Drove to South Carolina for a DNOW weekend (Fri-Sun) at my "in-loves" church! I love seeing family, enjoying the beautiful weather, gas for $2.97 and being able to minister to the students while we were there made it even better! (photo credit to Justin Robinson for capturing that sweet, sunlight shot of me and my love)

Well, that was my week in photos! We also saw Courageous in theaters twice! It was fantastic. Please go and support this faith-based film if you get a chance. It is great to sit and enjoy a movie in the theater that actually means something. And to see men of God be the MAN that God has called them to be...  wow. I am praying that lives are changed because of the impact of this movie.

Hope you all had a good week as well!