lunchables and a new song.

We didn't go to the grocery store this weekend, so I had to pick up something quick for lunch before work. I decided to stop by the store and grab a Lunchable. I don't even know what came over me... it took me back to third grade all over again. But to be honest, my mom never really let us buy Lunchables. She said they were too expensive. I think that's why I love them so much now. :)

I got in a singing mood while on the drive home. I started belting out a song that I wrote a few months ago. One of those I wasn't quite sure was finished or not. Anyway, I kept putting off on posting it. But today was the day I finally sat down and recorded it. I only had an hour before small group, so it's not perfect (not that anything ever is!) I hope this song reminds you that nothing in us can ever be good enough for God... He takes us just as we are.

You Take Me (As I Am)

Who am I, Lord that you should save? Who am I, Lord to call on Your name? What can I bring that You would require? Nothing in me is worth Your desire

Chorus: You take me as I am Don't leave me where I've been You have much bigger plans I'm nothing on my own You take me

Who am I, Lord that you should call? Who am I, Lord that you are mindful? What can I bring that you would receive? All that You are is worth all of me... All that You are is worth all of me.

I am not my own I'm not my own I'm Yours, I'm Yours