Spontaneous Trip to Greenville

This past Thursday, Josh woke up feeling a little sick. Turns out he had a sinus infection. He decided to take the day off and rest. Because of my wonderful schedule, I don't go into work until 11:30am. So, I spent my morning with him just talking. The next day would be three years since his younger brother, Jordan, passed away from cancer. He had mentioned earlier in the week that he wished he could be with his family, but we both had responsibilities at work to tend to. Until Josh got sick. Instead of just lying around our house all weekend trying to get well, why not go lie around the house with his family? So that's what we did. I was able to use some personal days at work and get the weekend off! We left on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Greenville, SC on Thursday night.

I have some of the best in-loves in the world, and they let us show up with six hours of notice. :) We always get welcomed with a sweet note on our bed, something that still catches me by surprise and makes me say, "awww" every time I enter the room. This time there were two packs of Sunflower seeds (one of my favorite addictions) awaiting us. We spent the next couple days just relaxing and enjoying good food and memories. We love watching videos that Justin's made, walking our family dogs (Heidi and Daisy) and I even spent a bit of time revamping Josh's blog.

Cherishing every moment is something I've come to appreciate. As I look around the room we are staying in, I remember three years ago praying so hard for Jordan as he lay in that very room battling cancer. It doesn't seem like that long ago. How can three years pass by so fast, but one day at work go by so slow? I'm sure it depends on how much we are appreciating the moment. I've been impatient in some ways - wanting to start a family with Josh, waiting to record another album, wishing it were summer again (ha! just kidding) - but if I'm not careful I can miss out on the moment while dreaming of the future. And we can't ever get those days back.

This weekend we took a spontaneous trip to Greenville. But it was more than just skipping out on a couple days of work to take a mini vacation... we embraced moments that we will never have again. And we almost missed out on ever having.