One Day Without Shoes

A day in the life of my feet...


Leaving the house.


In the parking lot.


Visiting hubby at work.


Tropical Smoothie for lunch.




Getting an edumacation.


Walking to class.


Taking a shortcut.


Visiting Eagle Eye's simulation of dirt, mulch and rocks.


Playing outside with my dog Heidi.


Watch out for poo.






Today it took no effort for me to take off my shoes and walk barefoot. In fact, it was a decision I freely made. Many others around the world don't have such a choice. I decided to walk barefoot for a day to experience, for myself, what life without shoes would feel like. I didn't participate to be "trendy" and I didn't necessarily bring any more awareness to the cause. But today I understood what living without a luxury felt like. Every time I stepped on a rock and felt the pain, or stepped in wet grass or chewed up boiled peanut shells or dog poo... I experienced only slightly what many children and adults are experiencing daily. It is probably the least of their worries, I know. But what a difference an organization like TOMS is doing to help the matter.

But hear my heart.

Christians... let's take more than just shoes to the world. Let's reach this world with the message of Christ while we're at it. And instead of fighting against causes, let's rally together for an even greater cause - THE GOSPEL! Let's be innovative. Let's think of ways to bring awareness to who Christ is. And let's not leave meeting the needs of others to just TOMS and company.

"That is why the Scriptures say, "How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!"

Romans 10:15