Project 365 Highlights

So, I finished Project 365 on Facebook a week ago today. And... WOW! How the year flew by. This is the caption that I wrote on my 365 project album:

Everyday for a year, I will post a picture. It could be of me, a friend, an object, or just something that inspires me. It will be fun to look back on 365 memories from this year! I hope you enjoy these photos and have a blessed year as well!

How fun it was to capture a picture a day for an entire year! It was a great way to document big events and help me keep track of those small, special moments that we may otherwise forget. I've looked back through the pictures this week and am amazed at the great things God has done through Josh and I's life in such a short time.

In 365 days I...

Became a first-time homeowner

Changed jobs 3 times: Substitute Teacher, Sales Associate and (currently) Music/Art Teacher

Celebrated friends' birthdays

Celebrated friend’s giving birth.

Released an EP on iTunes

Played a few shows

Celebrated my sister's engagement!

Saw ten friends get married

Josh had five procedures done to finally diagnose him with Crohns

But that didn’t keep him down... this year Josh earned two masters degrees

Celebrated our two year anniversary at Sea World! (My first time)

Served 700 students at WIRED camp with my sister!

Finally went back to school (graduating in May!)

Voted to change the name of our church (Watermark!)

Volunteered at local mission projects

Had my first WHITE Christmas!

Bought a car

Only got sick twice all year

Became a better photographer: Took engagement, wedding, Christmas and portraits for friends and family.

What a year! I am anxious to see what the Lord will bring us through this next 365 days. Part of me already misses taking a photo a day. But, I think this will free me up to blog and journal more. I will blog the exciting things that happen this next year and journal the quiet, intimate moments where God teaches me. Well, maybe I'll blog those too. :)

God bless you all on this journey we call life!