Life is a Vapor

Yesterday, my nightmares came true. The things I stay up at night worrying about actually happened. My dad flipped his semi-truck in Chattanooga, TN.

But the amazing thing is... he walked away alive! He was knocked out and barely remembers a lot of the accident (including taking the picture of his truck above once he climbed out of it!) but he survived! He was taken to the ER where they ran some tests and x-rays to make sure everything was fine. He suffered a concussion, bruised ribs and a few cuts and scrapes... but he's here! I'm just so grateful to the Lord for protecting my daddy. Our lives are but a vapor and then they're gone... but it wasn't his time.

Putting him in the ambulance. This makes me tear up... I know those shoes. :(

Times like this I wish I could snap my fingers and be with my family. But we're all spread out across the south. God is doing great things through our lives here in Alabama, my sister is in Jacksonville, FL and graduating college and getting married soon, my mom is in central Florida and my dad has been traveling across the country as an owner-operator truck driver for years now.

He's never been in a wreck. And he's the safest driver I know. This accident was a fluke - the load was top-heavy and shifted when he was making a turn. He's traveled these roads numerous times, but this particular load was different. Now, his truck is totaled... and he's out of work.

But God has a plan for it all.

This was a scary thing, but only makes me more grateful to still be able to pick up the phone and call. Or Skype. Or play Words with Friends (he's the best at that game!) Hug your family tonight and always tell them you love them. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.