Writer's Block

Lately I've been feeling pretty uninspired. Particularly when it comes to songwriting. I feel as though I've lost the drive to write, because I can't pinpoint my audience. Who am I writing to? What am I writing about? Who cares what I have to say? Growing up I loved to make my parents smile, so I would go write a song and play it for them as soon as I was finished. During my teenage years, my youth pastor would let me share songs I had written on Wednesday nights for my youth group. I loved writing to encourage my friends in their faith, and hoped they could relate to whatever I was going through. And of course, when I met my husband I had lots of things to say. Many songs of love came out of the beginning stages of our relationship and into marriage.

But now, I've got writers block.

I read a great post by one of my favorite female worship leaders, Vicky Beeching, on her blog the other day. She had some helpful tips to overcome the miserable case of songwriter's block. I think the biggest thing I am going to focus on the next couple weeks is tuning into my heart's story. There is a story worth telling, I just have to figure out where and how it is going to be revealed at the moment.

By the way, I made my first attempt at writing a worship song a few months ago (oh snap, just checked the date... it was almost a YEAR ago!) I've put music to a friend's lyrics and written a few lyrics of my own that still need to be put to music, but this is the last song I completed from start to finish. Hopefully I can change that soon. :)