American Idol, anyone?

Who's been watching the new season of American Idol? This girl, of course. I gotta say, if you thought you'd skip out this year because Simon is no longer a part of the show... you're missing out. It's 10x better. Who am I lovin' so far?

1) Tim Halperin

Reminds me of Jon Mclaughlin. He really impressed me last night when he sang the "Something" duet with Julie on the keyboard. I looked up a few of his original songs and was even more impressed! I know we've already had a bunch of "White Guy's With Guitars" win lately, but he plays piano. It's totally different. :)

2) Casey Abrams

An upright bass? Are you kidding me?!? This guy is awesome. I have loved everything he's done on the show so far. And he has a great little personality too. We've been missing a lot of charisma in some of the past seasons, but this guy seems to have it.

3) Lauren Alaina

So, I don't usually like to say this... but FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. That's how young this girl is. And I know I mentioned in my last AI review that she wasn't my particular favorite yet, but she sang a great song (the one she should've auditioned with first!) and she has been consistently good, without getting annoyingly overconfident. Very mature, for fifteen. :)

4) Paul McDonald

He's got a cool, unique voice. And I love that he sang an original song for his final solo audition. Shows that he's a package artist and ready to sell records right now. I'm excited to hear him sing more.

5) Scotty McCreery

"Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low..." I hum this tune all the time since hearing him sing this! It gets stuck in my head. He has a great, country voice. He's still one of my favorites from the auditions. I hope he can sing some other stuff well too. :)

Honestly, there are a few more that I have my eye on. I'm telling you... this season is good. Let's hope the nerves (and sickness!) don't overcome the contestants and they can give us a good show!

If you're watching... who are your favorites?